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Kevin Serwatowski (06/01/2011 17:30:05) http://www.boatcarpet.com
Boat looks great man! We redo a lot of wooden boats and sail boats over the
years. We are always browsing the web for interesting boat building material.
Any plans for new projects coming up? PS Hello from Michigan!

Inflatable Boats (04/06/2011 22:35:31) http://www.inflatableboaters.com/
Great blog, I've really enjoyed reading about your restoration!

dorsey edmondson (07/12/2010 07:43:48)
my daughter and i are planning on building a sail boat from scratch any advice, directions to websites or any other instructions would be welcome oh yeah love what you did with her she is a beauty

cliff hebestreit (07/10/2010 02:01:25)
boat looks wonderful! Just love that bootstripe on it!

Christian Starr (04/21/2010 06:52:28)
May I ask were you sourced that lovely bronze/brass bow stem fitting? Many

Jim Combs (03/27/2010 10:36:28) http://www.slocumsboat.blogspot.com
Really like your site. My fiberglass buddies think I'm crazy. Nice to see others
that love wood. Lots of work but somebodies got to do it.

Rob Miller (12/10/2009 23:25:06) http://www.none.com
I liked your site.

steef (09/22/2009 08:03:59) http://www.rib-support.com
nice story you have there

Greg Gungner (07/18/2009 12:33:53)
I have been given a 14ft sailbaot that has sat pretty much unprotected for 7 years. There is no rot and other than new sails looks like all it needs is surface finishing and some rigging. I hope that there is no major structural issues. I really appreciate your page and it will be read through several times as I venture to get this craft seaworthy. Thanks.

Don Villeneuve (04/13/2009 22:49:15)
I have been asked to build a replacement rudder for a 21 foot wood sailboat but I have no idea what the best type of wood for this project is. The oringinal rudder is very cracked and weathered making identification difficult,any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

Clarence Vautier (10/08/2008 23:02:57)
I have a model of a 45 foot fishing boat and I am putting together some notes on how to build the boat exactly as the model, I have had some success but I am having trouble on the plank. How do I measure and cut the plank so the plank are same on both sides and and how do I measure the shape of the sheer strake plant.

Eric Mikkelsen (08/09/2008 19:59:47) http://sandyandbillcomics.blogspot.com/
This is a good thing, this is the only boat restoration blog i have found (except mine) but this one is way more sophisticated.

Bruce Dillahunty (07/30/2008 15:48:29) http://www.craftacraft.com
Nice boat (and blog!). Like your work.

I put a link on my Craft A Craft boating blog...



perrydegener (06/17/2008 15:07:10)
I have a rotted flat bottom on my 19 foot canoe yawl. The rest of the boat is all cedar, but the stringers are marine plywood. Can I sister new marine plywood stingers over the ones that are partially rotted and then rip out the rotted wood of the stringers after I have attached the new marione plywood bottom?

Stephan Crain (06/13/2008 17:38:17)
I like the blue Adrian! Rita said you went CAT One.

ALKIS AMANATIDIS (02/12/2008 03:14:20) http://interboat.blogspot.com/
very nice work.good luck.and keep on boating.
mine is under construction.

Mattias Jonsson (01/21/2008 15:34:22)
Adrian - it looks great! At this rate you will be done well before the summer.

Sparky (01/14/2007 22:18:20)
Lots of work to do! I think Dad needs to come help!