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Sealing the Keel

The keel has seen better days. Therefor I used deep penetrating epoxy to seal it as good as possible.

Taped and Ready

I covered the cedar boards with newspaper to prevent the sealer to get on there.

West Marine Epoxy

I used this epoxy before. It works very well on softened wood. Mixing it for about 5 minutes is key for it to harden equally.

Close to Rotten...

The epoxy penetrates pretty deep into more affected areas. This section was close to rotten but the epoxy stabilized it from inside out. I applied about 10 times over this area until it was soaked.

Drying in the Spring Sun

I let the epoxy dry for over 72 hours. When is was sunny I pulled the boat outside for a while. There should be no more water penetrating this keel in the near future.

Laminated Bow

Also sealed is the newly laminated section of the keel. The new white oak did not accept the epoxy as well but good enough to build a base.