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Hollow out the Mast

The mast was all done but then I started cutting the old one in pieces. That is where I discovered that is was hollow. So here it goes...

Glued together

Finally back together.

Slicing it in Halfs

We cut the mast on my little band-saw right down the middle. Two guides helped keeping the mast in the center of the blade.

Just fit...

The bench-top saw was not very perfect. But the 3 1/2 mast just fit under there. We clamped the saw to the heavy centerboard to hold it in place.

Hollow it out

We then hollowed both pieces out on the table saw.

Dadoo blade

With some modifications I was able to fit the blast in my table saw. There were 4 cuts needed per half.

Many Clamps

I went an bought 20 4 inch clamps to get the job done.