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Finishing Teak

Now I am making progress. After mounting all the rub rails I started finishing the deck and transom.

Layers and layers of clear coat

The preparation included sanding up to 320 grit paper. Then tack the surface with the 333 brushing liquid and let id dry over night.


Besides sanding an tacking I taped the edges with 3M painters tape. On the inside of the hull is protected by a drop cloth.

1st Layer

The 1st layer included mixing in 10-15% brushing liquid. This caused the liquid to saturate into the surface much deeper.

Sanding... sanding... sanding...

between coats 1 and 2 I simple "scratched" up the surface with a 220 paper. After coat 3 all the low spots were filled and I was able to sand out any uneven spots. I then prepared the surface by hand sanding with 320.

4 coats (6 on the transom)

The 1st 3 coats were applied with a foam brush. It is simply quicker and nothing to clean up. From the 4th coat on I am using a 3 inch high quality brush. The surface looks much more even now. I have 2 coats to go to the finish line....