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Mounting Deck #1

This is an exciting part of the project. Finally the new deck is getting mounted...

The aft starboard section of the deck is on. I used every clamp in the shop.

The templates are aligned with the real teak deck. I got 2 symmetrical pattern sheets 1/8 thick. The alignment lines are now used to make sure the patterns will match where the aft and forward sections join.

The joining lines are sanded down with a guide. This will guarantee that there is no gap.

I coated the reverse side with epoxy. Simply rolled on. I am hoping that this will add stability to the 1/8 deck. It seemed to soak up the 1st coat entirely.

An alignment guide is clamped to the deck support forward.

A similar guide is mounted aft in the center.

West Marine Epoxy with filler #3 for laminating. I licked the consistency and ease of use. Due to the colder temperatures we had a bit more time to work.

The deck is then fastened down. On the inside with C clamps. On the outside small pieces of "left-over" are pulled down by ropes.

These ropes are wrapped around a couple of screws drilled into the 2x4 of the "tray". (see 3rd blog entry)