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The captains bench!

The aft bench in a U shape is in!

The U shaped bench aft is done. All solid mahogany with white oak supports.

The mahogany is 3/4 thick. I spent $120 on very nice wood but I think it was worth it. U used almost every square-inch.

The fit around the deck supports was quite tricky. I had to cut the side of the bench in a straight line in order to remove it.

The bench can be removed by pulling 2 locks on each side. It then slides forward and with a little tilt can be lifted out.

White oak supports give the bench some extra strength (and weight). They are mounted with stainless screws and the holes are plugged.

Unfortunately the angles are not equal. After quite a lot of measuring and sanding they are finally right. I initially glued the bench together with gorilla glue.