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Belaying Pin Terminal

This assembly behind the centerboard box will allow me access to all the lines from the cockpit.


Mahogany and more oak. The terminal is mounted with stainless bolts to the center board box.

Old Bench...

The beautiful old bench is "transformed" into the new part.

Cutting out Pieces...

I aligned the pieces tightly on the old bench. Then cutting out with the saber saw.

Gluing and Clamping

Again... a lot of clamps and gorilla glue. 3 pieces for the "arm" and 2 pieces for the Belaying Pin "Circle".

Sanded Down...

The pieces are then sanded and routered. After that all the holes are drilled on my useful drill press.


The lines will run through the deck, around the pulleys on the mast step, around the bottom of the "terminal" to the Belaying Pins. The 5th pin will be used for the boom line.