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Forward Benches....

The new benches are put in place...

Mahogany Benches

The new forward benches are made out of beautiful Mahogany. They are all removable with the bolt locks.


The supports are made from white oak.

Cutting for Alignment

I cut flat sections on the mounts. The angles are measure using the alignment tool. 2 sections are cut on each support.

Mounting Supports

The supports are mounted to the ribs.

Center Mounts

The center mounts are aligned on the center board. The 2 vertical holes will contain 2 bolts. These will keep the bench in place. The front hole will be where the bolt lock will slide in.

Beautiful Wood

The Mahogany is very easy to cut and plane. Under the raw 4/4 are some beautiful patterns hiding. The edges are routered round.

Mounting Pin Holes

To ensure correct alignment the mounting holes are drilled through the mounts directly into bench. 3x 1/2 inch pins will prevent the bench from sliding anywhere.

Locks in Place

The benches are mounted. Removable by sliding back the locking bolds.