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New Mast #3

Shaping the mast from the rough post to a real mast.

Cutting the Base

I (we.... David was helping me out with this job but he somehow managed to escape all the pictures...) measured the angles from the mast step.

Tight Fit...

After planing all 4 sides I belt sanded it down more precisely in order to get a perfect fit for the mast step. The edges were routered down.

Tapered Top

The mast tapers on the top 40 inches. This taper was applied to only 3 of the sides. The aft part of the mast will remain straight.

Marking the Edges

With a special gadget we marked the edges. Removing these edges will bring the mast down to an even 8 sided post.

Down to 8 Sides

After a good planer workout the mast starts to look like one. 2 V-jigs mounted on the sawhorses build a nice working platform.

Funny Lines

At the base of the mast the cuts result in some funny shapes and lines. Sticking strictly to markings helps in these situations.

Down to 16 Sides

After measuring the edges again I was able to setup the hand planer with the fence. With a single cut (8 times) down to the correct depth, the mast was down to 16 sides.