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New Mast #2

More glue to create "rough" post.

Clamp City...

I had to use every clamp in my possession to get this job done. A clamp was placed about every 8 to 10 inches and needed 1 or 2 clamps - over 17 feet of clamps!!

Plenty of Glue

The Gorilla glue is applied to one side and the other is dampened with a cloth. This compound needs moisture to activate.

Overnight Drying

I let the glue set over night. I wanted some small gaps around the scarf joins to stay "shut".


The entire wood supply is stacked in a 3 1/4 squared post. About 17 feet long. I lined up the straight sides of the boards very precisely. The result was a very LONG square post.

Planing to Size

That was quite a fun job. Just as the mast was half way through the planer I had to run to the other side. I got quite a workout!