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“Welcome to my sailboat restoration blog.”

New Mast #1

Going for a complete rebuild of the mast

Douglas Fir

I found this douglas fir at Lowes (of all places). I had to go through a couple of stacks of C-Grade planks but I found 12 nice pieces.

Ripping to Width

With double fences I ripped the 6 to 10 foot planks down to 3 3/4. The boards were pretty straight.

Scarf Jig

I built a simple jig for the scarf joints. The hand planer and belt sander removed the material very quickly and precisely.

Gluing Scarfs

The joints are glued together with Gorilla Glue... and plenty of clamps.

Gorilla Glue

I like the glue`s color and texture. It is nearly invisible and expands into gaps and cracks. The excess sands off very easily.

"Invisible" Joints

The joints turned out to be almost invisible when the pattern of the wood matches.