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Back Rest

The new backrest is in place. Just temporarily until the decking is down.

The 2 main planks are 3/8 inch teak 10 feet long. They get higher towards the front and "twist" towards the outside. Hopefully high enough to deflect the water that reaches the deck.

The planks were ones used as siding in a porch on lake Erie. Now they are part of my sailboat.

Under the stain we find some fine teak. Very few nail holes but nothing we can`t handle for the price of FREE. ( Thanks Richard :) )

Tracing the deck supports for the sides.

Tracing the old part for aft. Do we really need a new one?

Shaping the boards using a jig saw, belt sander (220 grit) and the router. Additional sanding is done with a 120 grit on a block. The dust sticks to the wood like it is loaded with statics electricity.

The side plank is "cold bent" in place and clamped down.

I cut the back by using a metal spacer guide and the pull saw. After that slide the piece all the way back.

The front is mitered down the center along a guide. Also cut by hand with the pull saw.

Both pieces in place. Like magic the meet in the right place. I just hope nothing will warp or bend when putting on the deck.