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Steamy Tricks

2 more tricks that helped bending the ribs.

Now that is what it needs to look like. Finally the ribs are in place and the entire inside starts looking like a wooden boat.

Helping hands... Here Steve after a bending session enjoying a glass or two of red wine. We got quite fast working with 3 or 4 people.

Placing the ribs high in the steam box and the opening covered only with a towel reduces the precipitation on the wood enormously. I let the steam "flow" thought the box and not blocking it from exiting. The result was also that the garage had a humidity of 200%.

Sanding down the front 3 ribs at the center helped improve the bendability (is that a word?). The most frot rib still needed 3 attempts.

The deck supports are now mounted to "pull" the shape of the boat to it`s original arc.