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Mast Step

My new mast step...

Mast Step and Pulley Platform

The new mast step is bolted to the keelson with stainless bolts and inserts. It will mount 5 pulleys for the gaff rigging.

Epoxied Together

The 2 main boards and the legs (1 inch) are epoxied together to one massive piece.

Mast Fitting

The fitting square is 2 by 2 inches and tapered. I 1st drilled 4 holes in an angle towards the inside. Then cut it out with a saw and chiseled the rest.

Mounting Points

There are 3 mounting holes in the step. They are aligned in order for the ribs to fit around. The area around the mast fitting is as large as possible to mount 5 pulleys.

Mounting Inserts

The inserts are driven into the keelson. Everything is stainless steel and I will probably use marine caulk to get a seal between the step and the keelson.

In Place

The finished step mounted in place. I am still finishing the new ribs...

My Coffee Machine...

The innards of my coffee machine getting a new powder coat paint job...

All in Red

All re-assembled in a Swiss red.