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Finally the inside primer is down...

1st Layer

The first layer is in an bonded very nicely with the surface. We painted in 50 degree weather and that made the "life" of the primer nice and long.

Epoxy Primer

To get a good bond to the penetrating epoxy I decided on an epoxy primer. This stuff is highly TOXIC. And you want to follow the personal protection instructions...

Prepared Surface

I sanded the surface with 120 grit on the orbital sander. Then with a 100 grit on a sanding block by hand. Then wiped everything with 2333N. A special thinner designed to work with the epoxy primer.

Center Board Box

The prepared center board box is ready to get "primered".

Before Assembly...

Since painting the inside is not possible after the assembly I try to get as much paint and primer on there before. The box will be installed ASAP so the outside can get a primer coat.