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Center Board Box

Due to the rot I had to rebuild the center board box.

Final Product

After cutting, gluing, sanding and shaping here the final product.

Tracing Outline

I traced the outline from the old box. Making sure the new "bend" on the keelson would match where the box will be mounted.

Sanding the Shape

After cutting 4 pieces I sanded them all to shape while clamped together.

Cutting Guides

I cut the "guide slots" on the 2 inner boards. This is where the bolt of the center board will slide up and down when you put it in.

Glued 2 and 2

In the next step I glued 2 and 2 boards together with epoxy. I also routered the edges of the outer boards nice and round.

Cutting Spacers

The spacers are from white oak. They measure just enough for the center board thickness plus 2 aluminum rails that will guide the board.

Sealing Inside

Since the inside can hardly be painted I am sealing it before the final assembly. 1st with penetrating epoxy.


The plugs that will position the box on the keelson are part of the spacers.


I cut the square holes in the keelson at the correct position. This will guide the box when putting it in place.