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Inside Finish

After ordering a gallon of epoxy the finishing work of the inside has begun.

Sanding... sanding...

After removing the new deck supports and filling all the cracks with epoxy the sanding starts. I used a random orbital sander with the shop vac attached (40 and 60 grit). Then 80 and 120 grit with a hand sanding block to give it the finishing touch.

Water Tight

The new keelson is now bonded and sealed with the 1st plank. All the gaps, holes, cracks and joints are filled.

Epoxy Sealer

Since the wood is 70 years old and quite soft the use of penetrating epoxy should just do the job. One little trick I found out is that this product needs to be stirred for 2 minutes vigorously. Otherwise the resin does not mix very well with the hardener.

New Bow

This seemed to be the main magnet for trouble. Not only did the water collect here easily but the wood was rotten pretty bad. I made sure this area got an extra soaking with epoxy.

Starboard Done

The starboard section is sealed. I also prepared the deck supports so they can be glued and bolted to the planks before the primer goes in.