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Rebuilding Deck Supports

Finally the deck is getting the attention.

Finding old Pieces

By placing the old pieces back in the boat I marked all positions. This should be a good enough basis for the new supports.

Cutting the Transom

To get the arc correct of the deck I bent a thin pine piece all the way across.

Copy old Parts

The old supports reaching all the way can simply be copied. I decided to replace the cedar with white oak as well. The new pieces are a little thinner in the middle but over all they seem to be stronger. (Duh‚?¶ They are not 70 years old‚?¶.)

Fine Finish

Since the passengers might have to hold on during a sudden wind share I want to make sure there are no sharp edges. The router is getting a good workout...

Short Supports

I measured the arc of the short supports by laying a long board from the 1st full support to the transom. Then used the same pine piece to mark the cut. The length was measure of an old deck piece.

Almost done

I needed the build all the short supports 1st because the will be glued to the planks. The long supports will be added ones the inside is finished and the new ribs are in place.

They are temporarily held in place with short bolts.

Are you done yet?