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New Keelson

Based on the constant exposure to water the new keelson is made out of white oak.

Solid White Oak; 16 feet 4/4th

The piece barely fit in to the garage. Lets not talk about how I got it home from the store (http://www.hardwoodstore.com/) driving on the interstate.

Cutting the Shape

Since I have no band saw I used a saber-saw with a fresh blade. Just a bit tricky not to cut in one of the 4 saw horses.

Slot for Center Board

For the center board I drilled the ends of the slot 1st.

"Diving" Circular Saw

With a fine blade the circular saw works quite well to cut through 1 inch oak.

Cutting the Edges

After transferring the measures from the boat the problem was "how to cut the edges". Due to the lack of a hand planner a combination of the saw and the belt sander (with a 40 grit) did it.

Sealing with Epoxy

Using a penetrating epoxy the keelson is sealed outdoors and dried outside. The new piece should last longer than anything else on the boat.


Now there is a picture... After cleaning the inside we glued the new keelson in place. Putting large bolts through into the keel. The heads will be covered by the ribs.


What can I say....


That should hold...