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Epoxy, epoxy and epoxy...

The inside of the hull is getting claned and epoxied.

West System Epoxy

I decided on a fast hardner and a fairly soft filler. The pumps they sell as a kit make it very easy. 4 pumps of Resin, 4 pumps of Hardner and not quite 3/4 cup of Filler result in a peanut butter type consistency.

Cleaning the Hull

After removing the ribs I used a heavy duty scraper to remove the worst pieces of paint and clear coat.

Stripping the Paint

Due to my inpatients I tried a fast acting spray foam stripper. I had to work with the garage full open, chemical gloves and a mask. But it was worth it. The paint came off very fast. After 3 applications everything was clean.

Rough Sanding

To smoothen out the bumps and nail heads I rough sanded the surface with a beltsander. 60 grid paper. I also used the Dremel again to clean out the joints between the strips.

Using the Epoxy

Now I filled the V-shape cuts for the cracks, all the holes and the joints with epoxy. I waited 24 hours between each application to make sure it was hardened out. The center section is now ready for finish sanding.