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New Hull Supports

Before removing the ribs I created outside supports from keeping the hull from opening up.


I got a 4x8 3/4 sheet of composit wood. Cost $20. I had it pre-cut to a 1x 2x4 and 2x 2x6 feet pieces.

Tracing Shape

I mounted the boards 90 degrees to the keel. Then traced the strips with a carpenter square and a measuring stick.


After pre-drilling the connection points I cut out the shape. In order to reduce the weight I also cut off the extra material. The arches are now around 1 foot wide.

Snug Fitt

After using a pan set to pull the hull together I made some small adjustments to the supports. The were then mounted to the cradle with additional 2x2s. The hull is then fastened from the inside to the support with large washers and bolts.