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Refinishing the Hull

The outside will need a considerable amount of work.

Repairing Cracks

In order to fill the cracks better I cut V-shapes to the center of the crack. I will later fill them with a "sandable" epoxy mix.

Accessing Rib Fasteners

In order to get good access to the fasteners added to hold the ribs in place I use a Dremel with a thick tile grout remover bit. In the low gear it seems to not destroy the brass screw heads.

Cleaning the Joints

First with the Dremmel then with a 100 grit sanding block with a 70 degree edge I try to clean up the edge. It will be also filled with epoxy to bond and seal the most problematic areas.

Pre-Sanding Surface

In order to clean the surface I pre-sanded the entire planks. I have plans to use the deep penetrating epoxy from West Systems. We will see if this tip holds. Thanks to the Phillips family again.