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Replacing the Ribs

Due to the less than fair condition of the ribs I decided to replace them all.

Bending Ribs

In order to get the correct shape of the hull the replacement ribs are placed next to the old ones. I use white oak due to the excellent bending attributes.

Clamps, clamps and more clamps...

The sales person at the hardware store was quite intrigued by the unusual content of my basket. I got twenty 2 inch clamps in order to work faster.

Clamping the Ribs

Since the ribs open up a little after they are dry I try to "over-bend" them a little. A piece of wood is place between the planks and the new rib. Adding support on the outside was also essential to now create more destruction.

A snug fitt

Yet an other creative tip from the Phillips family. After the ribs are clamped in place I hammer them into shape with quite some force. On the full length ribs one side is clamped down hard while the other side is where the hits are applied.

Fast Work

I realized that the different oak planks can have very different bending attributes. In order to get the ribs in place fast it is helpful to have some more hands in the shop. All clamps opened, plenty of shims and small wood pieces ready and the hammer within reach.