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Building a Steam-Box

In order to bend the new ribs I constructed a steam box. The goal was to not spend more than $50 for this project. (That does not include the gas and the stove).

Getting the Material

The main material can be found in any home supply store. I found it in the kitchen air and ventilation section.

The Details

1x paint tin can
1x 4" flanch
1x 6" to 4" reducer
1x 6" end cap
2x 4" fastening rings
1x 4" dryer vent hose
1x special aluminum tape
?x sections of 6" metal tubing
1x ply wood piece (length of the box)
1x pine board

Length of the Box

I created my box 8 feet long. Since the boat is 6 feet wide this should be fine. If needed I will extend the box.

Building 1

1st Mark the 4 inch diameter on the paint can cap. Cut it out with metal scissors.

Building 2

Bend the flange tight to the cap.

Building 3

Cover the entire inside with PLENTY of tape.

Building 4

Attach hose with fastening ring to the flange. I have not had any "burn up" issues but you want to be very selective in the materials. Everything will get VERY HOT.

Building 5

Cut 2 braces out of some scrap wood to hold the 6 inch diameter of the tube.

Building 6

Attach the braces to the ply board from bottom up.

Building 7

Assemble tube to full length with reducer ring on one side. TAPE, TAPE and TAPE as much as you can.

Building 8

Attach the hose to the reducer ring and get ready for the "burn in". I filled the can with water and simply started from cold.


Since in this construction the water does not run back in to the can I drilled a draining hole in the reducer ring. By lifting the other end of the tube about 3 inches the water nicely flows out through this drain.