1930s Aykroyd 14 Foot Daysailer

Gorgeous 1930s gaff rigged 14 foot wooden daysailer. incl. trailer built in Torronto

For sale is 14 foot sailing dinghy from the 1930's. It has been completely rebuilt 5 years ago from ground up. It is in truly exceptional condition.

Negotiation price $4900

Boat Show Winner!
  - Best Non-Power Sail, 2012 Southport Wooden Boat Show, NC, http://southportwoodenboatshow.com/
  - Best Sail, CCFC, 13th Annual Wooden Boat Show, NC, http://cfcc.edu/martech/boatshow/

Hull includes
- Cedar planks (All original except top plank replaced)
- Steam bent frame (ribs) (all new)
- Center board box, marine grade okoume (new)
- White oak keelson (new)
- Solid teak floor boards (new)
- Mahogany transom (new)
- PLEASE NOTE: Some paint flaking on side of keelson, see pictures (brown on floor is dirt and washes away)

Rebuilt Deck includes:
- Deck supports (white oak)
- Rub Rails (solid teak)
- Teak Plywood Deck
- Solid teak back rest/water deflector
- Existing and new brass hardware

Rigging includes:
- Original Rudder and tiller
- Original center board
- Original gaff and boom
- Douglas fir mast (new)
- Mast hoops with new brass quick connectors, ash (new)
- 3 stays all with brass turn buckles (new)
- Lazy jack system with nicely spliced lines (new)
- Mahogany belaying pin terminal (new) and 5 oak belaying pins (new)
- 178 sqft gaff sail (purchased re-cut from used), PLEASE NOTE: used, a bit wrinkled and few light mold spots, see pictures

Interior and other includes
- Mahogany benches
- Removable clip system on all benches (see picture)
- Beautiful oars (new) from light weight alder and teak
- Removable rowing oar attachments (see picture)
- Treasure chest for storage (made from fir and teak)

Trailer includes
- 18 foot long
- Spare wheel (Tire has cracks from sun)
- Loading guides
- Two large rollers
- Side running lights
- Winch setup
- Mast and gaff/boom supports

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